random acts of kindness

No Better Time

Wow, the ugliness, disrespect and lack of civility that is rolling through our country is astounding. Regardless of all the madness, let's work to walk the talk of Humankind. Be Both®. We posted about getting in our new bumper stickers and the response has been so refreshing, we had to reorder more! If you have not yet gotten yours, email michelle@humankind-beboth.com for oval or standard rectangular stickers to be shipped to you. Price is $4 each or 3 for $10.

We want to hear from you. We want to share proceeds with those organizations that are truly emulating this message. Who would you recommend? Who is helping others and demonstrating kindness to women, children, the elderly, etc.? Nominate an organization you think is deserving of a little extra help to further their good work!  Email us today at michelle@humankind-beboth.com

As always, please check out our store. We have handmade cut wine bottle candles with the logo, tees, hoodies, sticky notes, greeting cards, hats and more. Let's get this message out and see the contagious effect it can have! If not, then when? No better time!

Madness...time to change

According to Webster, a definition of "madness" is "behavior or thinking that is very foolish or dangerous"
We are living in a very strange time where madness exists nearly every direction we look. On TV and the news the political situation is nothing short of madness, betrayal and indignation. In society with so many in need, madness abounds. Between black lives matter, white lives matter.....I tend to think human lives matter. Let's break this madness and commit to being KIND. Kind to our friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, those who think and look different than we do. Humankind. Let's be both. Working on a "movement" to get folks on board to think less of self and more of others. Details to follow...but for now, who's in? www.humankind-beboth.com‪#‎humankindbeboth‬ ‪#‎randomkindness‬ ‪#‎benice‬ ‪#‎bekind‬