Committed to the message!

Welcome to Humankind. Be Both® where we are committed to getting this message out worldwide so that we are all reminded to "walk the talk!" Imagine what a better world we would be living in if we could all be a bit more compassionate, less "me" centered and practiced kindness on a daily basis, rather than a crisis-based or season basis. 

Join us as we embark on getting this message to go viral. We will be adding products to our "shop" and will be dedicating a portion of the proceeds to different organizations who truly emulate our message. 

Our first organization or effort we will be highlighting is the "Feed and Read Program" in Yola, Nigeria. This program provides one hot meal everyday to homeless children in NE Nigeria and provides them with reading lessons three times a week. When we had the chance to visit them last month, the children were asked how things were going. They replied, great but could we please have more lessons! The program originated from the American University of Nigeria and has employed a single mother to prepare the daily meals while tutors, educators and AUN students are providing the reading lessons to these children.  The program started with boys and now has kicked off it's Feed and Read for girls!

If you have an organization you are aware of or a worthy effort, share it with us and we might just include them in our donation efforts through this site!  Email